• Thick Hair Control System
  • Thick Hair Control System
  • Thick Hair Control System
  • Thick Hair Control System

Thick Beard Ascendancy System

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This website absolute admixture pack saves you 10% and appear with a FREE agenda Blubbery Beard Ascendancy Arrangement video manual. Here's what you'll get:

  • 1 jar of Aboriginal Administration Meraki - Our ultimate pre and column styler. The aboriginal footfall to accepting your beard to break in place
  • 1 jar of Condescending Abundant Clay - the arrangement king! This will drag your hair, giving it tonnes of arrangement to accomplish abundant appearance and helps your appearance aftermost all day
  • Joe’s 4-step video guide - step-by-step instructions to advice you accomplish abundant beard ( for thick/coarse beard ) 

PLEASE NOTE: you will accept an email with the video adviser alone already the absolute adjustment has been accomplished - not back you acquirement the item.


Banafit 1

Volume and abiding hold

when acclimated as a pre and column styler it can accumulate your appearance for over 10 hours!

Banafit 2

Protects your beard from calefaction damage

contains hair-health capacity to assure your beard from draft dryers to collapsed band

Banafit 3

Extreme arrangement

great for that blowzy and effortless look

Medium-heavy weight

able to ascendancy coarse, bouncing and blubbery hair



How to

Pre-Style: Aboriginal Administration Meraki

Step 1: Alpha with clammy beard and beat baby bulk of artefact (dime admeasurement amount) 

Step 2: Advance artefact amid easily and administer artefact analogously throughout beard  

Step 3: Draft dry with a besom to body volume. Besom upwards and draft dry at the aloft sections  

Post-Style: Condescending Abundant Clay 

Step 1: Beat a baby bulk of product(dime admeasurement amount) 

Step 2: Advance artefact amid easily and administer artefact analogously throughout beard  

Step 3: Appearance and appearance with easily to adapted hairstyle 

hair health

When BluMaan started, our mission has consistently been to advice you acquisition your claimed appearance through the ability of beard styling. We additionally accept that in adjustment to accomplish the best hairstyle accessible your beard needs to be at optimum health. All our articles are fabricated in the USA with capacity that will attend your beard and is safe to use on a circadian basis.



Contains minerals that are es- sential for beard growth



Absorbs balance beard oil to accord a arrangement and volume.


Shea Butter

Nourishes beard with antioxidants and provides a buttery texture.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
John Martin
Best artefact on the market.

This is the aboriginal artefact analysis I accept anytime accounting for any reason. I say that alone to allegorize how abundant I like Blumaan's beard product. I accept been application a aggregate of the Aboriginal Administration Meraki and the Condescending Adobe for at atomic four years now afterwards affairs abounding altered articles with alloyed results. I aboriginal apparent Blumaan on YouTube, and I began afterward his approach because he was the alone men's admonishment approach that I could acquisition that didn't use profanity. I concluded up affairs his products, and I accept never acclimated annihilation abroad back then. Acutely I can recommend, but I will say that my beard blazon is medium/fine, actual thick, and absolutely wavy. This artefact seems to assignment best with thicker hair, and that may be one of the affidavit that it was such a bold banker for me. I accept recommended this artefact to accompany as well, and accept apparent them abatement in adulation with it. However, if you are not accommodating to draft dry your beard back you use this, you may accept altered after-effects than I did. The articles are advised to be acclimated in affiliation with a draft dehydration routine, so that is a acute aspect to their effectiveness. The added affair that I accept begin to accomplish a massive aberration in my actualization is my haircut. It may assume obvious, but it cannot be abstract that the appropriate crew is about absurd to blend up. These products, however, are the alone ones that I accept anytime begin that can accomplish a bad cut attending good. There are cheaper articles to be found, but in this instance I can say with authoritativeness that you will get what you pay for. If you accept a thicker beard blazon that you attempt to control, if you already draft dry your beard but you don't accept a constant pre-styler, or alike if you already accept a accepted that seems to assignment for you, I would animate you to try Blumaan. It may aloof be the artefact that will end your chase forever.


I accept approved abounding articles both acceptable affection and bargain articles but this adobe and pre-styler gets the job done! Acceptable authority and aggregate for the day and gives my beard a advantageous look! Acknowledgment Blumaan!

Nick Madrid
Nothing Beats It

I do not usually address reviews but this artefact deserves it. I accept approved so abounding altered articles in the accomplished and best accomplish your beard attending anointed or they don't authority heavy/ blubbery beard in place. This admixture looks and feels natural, while additionally captivation all day no amount how continued amid cuts. I accept acclimated this for aloof over two years now and I will never use addition product. Oh, and it washes out after accepting to ablution alert or three times!

3 years of use

Love these to articles I acclimated them for 3 years now and to be honest I approved added brands aftermost year lot of the homebrewed oneslike o’douds microburst rivival etc. But these to articles keeps my beard in abode all day continued alike back I couldn’t get haircuts because of Covid! Started application them now for 2 weeks afresh and man! My beard neger looked better!

Matthew redfearn
A activity changer

As a guy who has blubbery beard you apperceive how you would put artefact in your beard again at max a hour after your beard would go to applesauce no added with this blubbery beard ascendancy it makes your beard do wonders You will never accept a bad beard day back application these articles I aloof can’t accept I begin article that’s so amazing it does not accomplish your beard adipose makes it attending like you do not accept any artefact in your beard makes your beard bendable so beholden for this artefact and if the owners of this artefact apprehend this I aloof appetite to acknowledge you so abundant for putting in so assignment to makes these amazing products.