• Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • Cavalier Heavy Clay
  • Cavalier Heavy Clay
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  • Cavalier Heavy Clay

Cavalier Abundant Clay

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BluMaan’s Condescending Adobe works with your beard to actualize acute arrangement and all-day hold. From the archetypal to the creative, you can calculation on the Cavalier’s abundant authority to accomplish your hairstyle aftermost all day (or two!) after a charge to reapply. Its denser bendability allows it to ascendancy coarse, bouncing and blubbery hair. It additionally nourishes and strengthens your beard with amoebic oils, accustomed proteins and amino acids.


Banafit 1

Extreme arrangement

great for that blowzy and effortless look

Banafit 2

Medium-heavy weight

able to ascendancy coarse, bouncing and blubbery hair

Banafit 3

Long-lasting hold

authority able abundant that you won’t charge to reapply during the day

Banafit 4

Nourishes and strengthens

contains amoebic oils, accustomed proteins and amino acids

Natural accomplishment

able attending to clothing any occasion



hair health

When BluMaan started, our mission has consistently been to advice you acquisition your claimed appearance through the ability of beard styling. We additionally accept that in adjustment to accomplish the best hairstyle accessible your beard needs to be at optimum health. All our articles are fabricated in the USA with capacity that will attend your beard and is safe to use on a circadian basis.

Amino Acerbic Blend

Moisturizes hair, strengthens its anatomy and aliment apparent damage

Quinoa Protein

Enhances flash and nourishes beard to accommodate convalescent attractive beard

Organic Argan Oil

Makes beard softer, silkier and shinier. It’s an accomplished conditioner that treats dry and breakable hair

Customer Reviews

Based on 301 reviews
Awesome product!

I absolutely adore this artefact because it adds aggregate and arrangement for continued hair(Long Mane) and I candidly adopt it over Hanz de Fuko Claymation due to the Arrangement that it adds. It additionally helps accumulate the ancillary on authority back accomplishing a bun, ponytail, ect styling.

Alan C
Great for blubbery hair


Scott Reierson
Smells heavenly

I'm afraid this has annihilation but 5 stars. I accept actual accomplished beard but I'm still able to use this artefact after it belief my beard bottomward or causing separations. It does account the aboriginal bit of break area you can see the attic anytime so slightly. But the bulk of authority I get from such a little amount, the aroma and the all day authority is absolutely account the atomic bit of beard separation. I alike bandy in 2-3 drops of billow ascendancy as a pre styler. If you accept attenuate or accomplished beard you can still do what the blubbery haired boys are doing. Aloof use way way less! I assumption if I skipped the billow ascendancy I could apparently abstain the separation. But it's to accursed acceptable to not use.

Mohamad Kassem
One of a kind

Does absolutely what it says on the label

Isaac C
Finally a artefact I love

I accept super, cool blubbery beard (it runs in my family), and I've consistently struggled with administration my beard in a way that added arrangement but additionally kept my beard in-shape for continued periods of time. The Condescending Abundant Adobe was a game-changer for me, because it assuredly apparent all those problems I had been disturbing with. This analysis ability complete like a paid ad because this is absolutely what Condescending Abundant Adobe says it' declared to do, and it sounds like I'm aloof repeating it, but assumption what -- it's true. I couldn't acclaim this artefact abundant for those with blubbery beard like mine. I'm animated I begin BluMaan on Youtube one accidental night while analytic for new beard products.