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Since beard is bigger represented visually, we acquainted that what bigger way than to accept a abode to advertise people’s beard cuts or transformations.

Whether it’s a beginning crew or a big transformation, both can be adorning moments that can jump-start inspiration, motivation, and, ambition. There’s article about accepting a beginning new crew or alteration your hairstyle that makes you feel like a accomplished altered person. 

This new Instagram folio will advice those attractive for:

  • New hairstyle inspirations
  • Similar beard types and how they can relate. Authoritative their own decisions on what to do with their own hair.
  • Those who aloof appetite to about-face it up and change their accepted hairstyle. 

By appointment your beginning haircuts or transformations, we’ll be featuring your haircuts or transformations on our Instagram page: freshcuts_byBluMaan

*By bushing out the anatomy and accepting, you acquiesce BluMaan to use your photos for repurposing on amusing media and business efforts *