• What are the boilerplate commitment times?

    USA Calm Shipments*: Standard amount shipments booty 5-6 business canicule (weekends excluded). Expedited shipments booty 3-4 business canicule (weekends excluded).

    All-embracing Shipments*: All accepted amount shipments booty 2-4 weeks (customs approval can drive commitment times up to 4 weeks). All expedited shipments booty 4-6 business canicule (weekends excluded).

    *Currently, there are aircraft delays in assertive locations as basic measures are taken during the Covid-19 pandemic. If your breadth is experiencing aircraft delays, we ask that you delay aloof a little best afterwards your provided appraisal added as commitment agents sorts through this matter. Acknowledge you for your patience.

  • When will I accept my order?

    Shipping aural the US takes about 5-6 Business canicule afterwards aircraft out. All-embracing deliveries alter and are estimated at two to three weeks for delivery. Commitment to some countries may booty up to four weeks due to uncontrollable custom approval delays.

  • How abundant do you allegation for shipping?

    Shipping Method


    U.S. - DHL SmartMail Bindle Expedited (Orders $50 and over) - 5-6 Business days*


    U.S. - DHL SmartMail Bindle Expedited (Orders beneath $50) - 5-6 Business days*


    U.S. - USPS Bartering Additional Antecedence - 3-4 Business days*


    International - All-embracing DHL Packet Additional - 8-16 Business Days*


  • What adjustment is acclimated for shipping?

    We address application Affiliated Accompaniment Postal Account best of the time. Assertive All-embracing orders may be beatific application assorted couriers depending on the situation.

  • Do you address Worldwide?

    As of September 24th 2017 we accept chock-full aircraft to called countries as some casework do not accommodated our aircraft standards.
    Please accredit to this account of countries that we are not aircraft to: Algeria, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Tunisia, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Guatemala, Hong Kong, South Sudan, Taiwan.

  • Do you address to P.O. boxes?

    Yes we do (we adopt it!), back we usually address out by postal service.

  • Do you address to APO/FPO addresses?

    You betcha.

  • Will I be answerable sales tax?

    If acceptation or sales taxes administer to your Order, you are alone amenable for them. Community behavior alter broadly from country to country and we acclaim contacting your bounded community appointment for added information. We apologize for any aggravation this may account and acknowledge you for your understanding.

  • How do I analysis the cachet of my order?

    You will get an email acknowledging your adjustment has shipped. It will accommodate the tracking number.

  • I accept not accustomed my adjustment confirmation, what should I do?

    Send an email to  [email protected]  with the Adjustment ID and our Chump account administration will advice you out.

  • How do I change or abolish my order?

    Contact chump account so that we can put your adjustment on hold.

  • How do I accomplish a return?

    Please e-mail us about your acknowledgment and we will go through anniversary acknowledgment on a case by case basis.

  • Where are Blumaan articles manufactured?

    In the U.S.

  • Do your articles accommodate parabens or sulphates?

    Yuck. No way.

  • Are Blumaan articles activated on animals?

    No. We would never analysis on animals.

  • Why do your articles amount added than before?

    We strive to bear the best articles we can create, from the time we absorb on development and testing bottomward to allotment beard advantageous capacity for anniversary product. It has consistently been our top antecedence to ensure whatever accommodation we accomplish is cellophane and fair. Our raw additive costs accept become added big-ticket over the aftermost two years; in adjustment for us to advance the aforementioned akin of affection for our products, it's all-important for us to access our prices. Price increases will appear July 30, 2019. We accept absitively to access the prices of all beard administration articles by $2 USD to advance affection products. Billow Ascendancy will abide the aforementioned price. We acknowledge you for your connected abutment and understanding.

  • Do I accept to acknowledgment chargeless items that were included in my order?

    Free promotional items are not refundable. Amuse accumulate them.

  • When do your articles expire?

    Two years afterwards the accomplishment date listed

  • How do refunds work

    When BluMaan issues the complete adjustment bulk as a refund, all outstanding installments are canceled. Any installments that accept been paid will be refunded aback to the aboriginal acquittal method. Typically, the funds column aback to your aboriginal acquittal adjustment aural 3 business days, admitting it can booty up to 10.

  • Can I reschedule payments?

    We get it - activity happens! Sezzle accommodate three reschedules per order, with the aboriginal one actuality free, and the abutting two reschedules are aloof $5 each. You can reschedule your chapter for a date aural 14 canicule of the aboriginal due date. We acclaim rescheduling your acquittal at atomic 48 hours afore its due date. If the acquittal has amorphous to process, it cannot be rescheduled.

  • How does Sezzle work?

    Sign up or log in to your annual back blockage out with Sezzle. Chase the directed folio and ample in your advice to complete analysis out. You can adviser your payments through the sezzle platform.

  • Can I pay off the antithesis in full?

    Yes, you will charge to do so in the Sezzle platform.

  • Who is acceptable to use Sezzle?

    To use Sezzle, you charge be 18 years or older* and acquire a accurate buzz cardinal based out of either the Affiliated States or Canada. You will additionally charge to acquire an email abode as able-bodied as a acquittal adjustment accessible at checkout - we acquire all above debit and acclaim cards, and you can additionally articulation a coffer annual directly. At this time, prepaid cards are not able to be acclimated to abode orders, but you can use them to pay off absolute orders. *You charge be 19 years or earlier in Alabama, or if you are a area of the accompaniment and alive in Nebraska.